Visual images of Agrippina the Younger and Claudius


These are visual set-sources on Agrippina . 
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The Gemma Claudia

  This cameo depicting Claudius and Agrippina the Younger, almost certainly with Germanicus and Agrippina the Elder.
  It is made of five-layered onyx in a gold setting. The layers are cut to a minumum of 2mm (indicating amazing skill), which makes them beautifully translucent.
  On the right are Germanicus and Agrippina the Elder. Germanicus wears the laurel wreath of a conquering emperor, Agrippina the Elder wears a helmet.

  On the left are Claudius and Agrippina the Younger.  Claudius wears the laural wreath of a conquering emperor.  Agrippina the Younger wears a crown.
  In the centre, Jupiter's eagle turns to look at Claudius.
  The heads rise out of cornucopia.
  Underneath, lie weapons and armour.

Agrippina's depiction on coinage in Claudius's reign

  This Tetradrachma shows 'jugate' busts of Agrippina and Claudius
 The obverse shows Claudius and Agrippina the Younger, with the inscription TI[berius] CLAUD[ius] CAES[ar] AVG[ustus] AGRIPP[ina] AUGUSTA = 'Tiberius Claudius - Caesar Augustus and Agrippina - Augusta'.  He wears a laurel wreath, symbolising triumph.  Agrippina's hair is not in the usual tight curls.
  The reverse shows a cult-statue of Diana Ephesia, showing that this coin was made and used in Ephesus.