Visual images of Agrippina the Younger and Nero


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Agrippina's depiction on coinage in Nero's reign

  This gold aureus of ad54 shows 'confronted' busts of Agrippina and Nero
  The obverse shows Nero and Agrippina the Younger, with the inscription AGRIPP[ina] AVG[usta] DIVI CLAVD[ii] NERONIS CAES[ar] MATER = 'Agrippina Augusta, [wife of the] Divine Claudius, mother of Nero Caesar'.  He is bare-headed and beardless.  Agrippina's hair is in tight curls with what may be fruit and flowers.
  The reverse shows an oak wreath enclosing the letters EX SC (standing for Ex S[enatus] C[onsulto] = 'by decree of the Senate') - with the legend NERONI CLAVD[ii] DIVI F[ilii] CAES[ar] AVG[ugustus] GERM[anicus] IMP[erator] TR[ibunicia] P[otestas] = 'Nero, son of the Divine Claudius, Augustus Caesar Germanicus Emperor with Tribunician Power'.

Agrippina crowing Nero

  This amazing sculture depicts Agrippina, wearing a diadem and carrying a cornucopia, crowning Nero.