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   The Bolshevik Revolution

On 6-8 November 1917, the Provisional Government fell.   Eisenstein and other Bolshevik propagandists were to represent the October Revolution as a popular uprising in favour of the Bolsheviks, but historians nowadays tend to think that the revolution was a seizure of power by an armed group rather than a 'revolution of the people'.'.


The Events of the October Revolution



Why the Bolsheviks succeeded


1.   The Weaknesses of the Provisional Government

This was arguably the most important reason the Bolsheviks succeeded so easily: people did not particularly like the Bolsheviks, but - when the Bolsheviks moved to seize power - nobody liked the Provisional Government enough to fight FOR it.


4.   The Role of Lenin





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The Events of the October Revolution

Make notes about:

•   Events on the night of 6-7 November

•   The Fall of the Winter Palace

•   The announcement of power, 8 November

The Role of the Bolshevik Party

Make notes about:

•   Its organisation and discipline

•   Its propaganda (e.g. Pravda/ slogans)

•   Financed by Germany

•   The Red Guards

The Role of Trotsky

Make notes about Trotsky:

•   as a Communist thinker

•   as an organiser (Military revolutionary Committee)

•   as leader of the Red Guards

•   other strengths

The Role of Lenin

Make notes about Lenin:

•   as a Bolshevik thinker

•   as a leader

•   as a figurehead

•   other strengths

The Nature of the October Revolution

Make notes about:

•   Evidence that the revolution was supported by large numbers of people

•   Evidence that it was a coup d'ιtat by a small group of armed radicals who did not have general support

•   What WAS the October revolution, in your judgement - cite facts to support your opinion.