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At the end of the day...


My parting shot in my last lesson with every Year 11 has been for many years to tell them that I have taught them everything that I can ... and that now it is up to them.
I wish them well, but I can do no more for them.
If in any way what I have taught them has been inadequate or flawed, they have my unconditional apologies.
And I require no thanks if I should have happened to teach them well - only that they go on to build their lives as successfully as they can.
(I suspect they think I am slightly mad, but they always receive it very earnestly!)

They are given to us for a season, and it is right and good that they should move on and leave us behind.
And in the interim, we can only do our best.

Posted on: Apr 6 2006, 11:50 PM




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