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During a 'Literacy across the curriculum' initiative by our Head of English, I came across these Writing Skill for AQA GCSE English on how to Argue, Explain and Describe.
They struck me as something we could disseminate to our pupils/ tap into in our teaching. If my pupils only used HALF of these I would be happy!

1. Argue
Phrases to use:
The most important aspect... Moreover... Sometimes... Despite the view that... On the other hand... Notwithstanding... Firstly... Research shows that... Secondly... The evidence clearly shows that... Thirdly... Another factor to be considered is... However... Opponents declare...but... Nevertheless... On balance...

Some other features:
- formal language
- balanced sentences
- people's opinions
- specific examples of situations
- range and variety of points
- countering opposing points of view
- a neat conclusion

2. Explain
Phrases to use:
Because... The first thing to do is... Another reason... Later on... Although... Ultimately... Nevertheless... Contrary to popular belief... The most important... As a result... Above all else... Consequently... Despite the fact that... Inevitably...

Some other features:
- range of reasons
- range of appropriate detail
- specific examples of different kinds to support explanation
- range of responses to 'why'
- range of responses to 'how'
- different points expanded and linked

3. Describe
It is more difficult to pick out particular words and phrases which might be useful here but there are a range of features characteristic of effective descriptive writing which you could draw on:
- wide range of appropriate detail
- use of modifiers such as adjectives and adverbs
- words to convey feelings and attitudes
- denser language than in many of the other forms
- variation of sentence length and type
- rich, varied, perhaps unusual vocabulary

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